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C A L E N D A R   V E R S I O N 1.1  (DEMO)

Welcome to the Babelworx CMapp Sourceforge Group
You've made it to the homepage of the CMapp project. This project came into existence in August 2005 and is being hosted here at http://cmapp.sourceforge.net (big thanks to the guys at Sourceforge!). If you have any questions about CMapp or indeed about any aspect of our website, please address them to the project maintainer, Ciaran Farrell. We would be delighted to hear from you, not only if you would like to get involved with our project, but also if you have any critique, comments or ideas which will help to make CMapp better. If you'd like to get involved, check out the "Get Involved" page. Thanks in advance!

What is CMapp?
CMapp is the Babelworx Contract Management Application. It is a web based application for helping contract managers to keep track of their contracts and of important deadlines and other important dates in those contracts. CMapp is a web based application, which means that is used within a familiar web browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. This also means that CMapp can be used on any operating system on which a web server (CMapp was designed on Apache but should work without any problems on any web server), the MySQL database server and the PHP scripting language is installed.

What are the advantages of using CMapp
There are many contract management applications which contract managers can use. CMapp offers the main features of these applications with a number of useful additional features. Some of these are:
    CMapp is open source: The source code of the CMapp application can be downloaded without charge, subject to the LGPL here.
    CMapp is web based: The advantages of a web based interface are many. Your adminsitrator can install the software once on a single server, irrespective of the operating system environment, whereas your contract managers will be able to work with a familiar browser interface, negating the need for lengthy training.
    CMapp is a multi-user application: With CMapp each contract manager is provided with his/her own profile. Thus, contract managers can administer their project managers, contract signatures, effective and termination dates of contracts and other important contract issues, individually.
    CMapp has a "departmental news" feature: With this RSS based feature, each contract manager can post news, tips & tricks and interesting Internet or Intranet findings to the CMapp application. These can then be viewed by all contract managers and commented on, if desired.
    CMapp has a "my assistant" feature: This pop-up feature can be individually configured by each contract manager to provide fast and easy-to-access information on important daily events etc.

What can I do to help?
Ciaran Farrell wrote the initial code for the Babelworx CMapp application using PHP and MySQL. Anyone interested in helping out would be very welcome. You don't need to have any particular programming background - help is needed in many areas - from documentation to testing the software and reporting bugs. Of course, help from developers is needed above everything else. Right now we need PHP/MySQL developers and anyone with experience with CSS and web graphics. If you are new to programming, to CSS or to graphics, why not use CMapp as a project to improve your skills?

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